Personal stylist and image maker Liliya Mayorova

Psychologist since 1996 (Kharkov Humanitarian Academy). European Professional Psychotherapeutic League, Holodynamics Department (Kukhtina N.I.) Kyiv. 2005-9

Image maker since 2003 (education Academy Dolores /Moscow/). She participated in the international competition of world stylists and became a prize-winner of the Highlights Hair Fashion Awards (UK) and also received a personal certificate for inexhaustible creativity and enthusiasm from Mark Stapleton in 2005.

Participated in and became a prize-winner of the international competition of world hair stylists Color Zoom (Paris 2010). She worked as a stylist and image maker on film sets and fashion shows for more than 15 years. Education Political consulting 2018. Work in election campaigns.

Image maker services

Appearance affects confidence and perception of the world. If the reflection is not pleasing, and random phrases about the style of clothing offend, it’s time to think about the authenticity of the appearance. Authenticity is the correspondence between internal and external.

The task of a professional image maker is to ensure that internal perception and external image coincide. Depending on social status, social circle, current and desired image, a personal style is built: color schemes and combinations, styles and clothing lines, designs, style and rational wardrobe.

You will like the new look, suit your appearance and solve the tasks at work and in your personal life. Nothing universal, a completely individual approach.

For men

Appearance affects success. A personalized personal style and wardrobe strategy for achieving success in your career and life.

Comprehensive consultation on men's style

Meeting, acquaintance. Setting your goals. Testing the current image. Selection of the best color combinations. Analysis of the type and proportions of the figure. Recommendations for style, changing the shape of a haircut and much more.

Shopping escort for men

Finding the perfect items and stores. Let's replenish your wardrobe for any season with balanced sets of clothes.

Professional photo shoot for men

Meeting, acquaintance. Selection of the shooting location, place and street or studio. Selection of images and arrangement of clothes.

Package "Gold Standard"

For men who want to entrust the development of their image to a professional and want, after communication, to be left with a manual with detailed aspects of the image and a checklist for changes.

Style + shopping

Do you want to understand the style and consolidate it with effective shopping? Then this service is for you!

PREMIUM package

Priority registration for shopping, working with luxury brands, completing a wardrobe in compliance with the dress code and image support for 6 months.

Purchases can be made without your presence and delivered to a convenient location at work or home for fitting.


A unique style for achieving success in life and career, so that changes in appearance and wardrobe become a pleasant experience.

Comprehensive consultation

Specific recommendations for choosing clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, choosing a wardrobe and changing a haircut. Dive into the world of personal style.

Comprehensive consultation and image book

You will receive specific recommendations for choosing clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags. You will be able to distinguish suitable shades for hair coloring, choose the colors of decorative cosmetics and know which item in the store will suit your wardrobe.

Shopping escort for women

It's not like going shopping with a friend. I take care of all the selection of clothes to make your shopping experience extremely useful and enjoyable.

Wardrobe clearance

A practical lesson that will show you how to select a wardrobe, organize and plan. Using your wardrobe as an example, learn how to apply knowledge of color, texture and personal style.

Face shape analysis

The process of finding your haircut can be difficult. Before you find your shape, sometimes you have to be a client of a dozen beauty salons and hairdressers.

Personal color analysis

Even if you already have an idea of the colors that suit you, you may have become caught up in individual colors and not taking full advantage of the color options on the 100%

Personal figure analysis

Clothes for your figure. Knowing yourself and your figure is necessary in order to find and create your own individual style.

Photo session with a clothing stylist

Meeting, acquaintance. Selection of the shooting location, place and street or studio. Selection of images and arrangement of clothes.

Makeup lesson

A well-groomed face in 15 minutes? We know how and will be happy to teach you how to do it!

Stylish wardrobe

This consultation is suitable for those who want to know what style to choose clothes for any situation without additional consultations on color, shape and hairstyles.

Author support and image control

Author support includes image support services for various tasks. This could be sewing clothes and accessories, accompanying you to a beauty salon, choosing glasses or even a gift!

Online workshop

Training courses.

Business image

Corporate clients and organizations will benefit from consultations on developing a corporate style, dress code, and consultations for staff on the use of image in achieving professional goals. As well as the manager’s image and dress code.

Leader's image

Formation of a wardrobe taking into account the perception of target groups of interest.

Wardrobe planning for any season.

Planning your wardrobe for special events.

Dress code for employees

Formation of the clothing style of employees of various departments, taking into account their tasks and level of contacts.

Development of a unified manual.

Staff training

Corporate image trainings for employees and company managers.

Training on image and business etiquette.

The training can be created specifically for your company.