About me

1998-2004 Academy of Hairdressing Arts “Dolores” (Moscow)

2001-2008 psychology course, Holodynamics department, European Psychotherapeutic League (N. I. Kukhtina)

2004 certificate for inexhaustible creative energy and high professionalism Mark Stapleton HIGHLIGHT (Great Britain)

2005 professional full course in image design (Moscow)

2008 Training Image School Bogomolov (professional image design: Private Client Services)

2008 Stylistics Course by K. Bagomolova and Yana Pavlidis

2008 national technologist at GOLDWELL (Germany, Japan)

2009 Moscow TOP EDVANSED course

2009-2011 lectures by A. Vasiliev

2005-2014 Work in the film crew of the fashion studio G-Models www.g-models.com

2010 reaching the semi-finals and participation in the international competition of world stylists (France) COLORZOOM 2012

Honorary diploma for the participant of the HIGLIGHT Hair competition Fashan Edwards (Great Britain)

Top Advanced course September 2009. Moscow

2011 authorized representative of the public organization Grands, Ratings, Nominations (GRIN) (Kiev) Http://Sozvezdie-Brend.At.Ua/


Awards, Press